Cassette Optimization

With our range of cassette optimization products we help pharmacists to improve the efficiency and reliability of their tablet packing process with a VBM or TOSHO tablet packing machine.

Cascade cassette insert

The insert creates a cascade inside the cassette reducing pressure of pills on the vane minimizing jams of cassettes with an extra extension.

Cassette extension

Extending a cassette increases the number of tablets a cassette can hold. This reduces the downtime of the tablet packing machine due to refill.

Cassette shelves

Cassette shelves are used to store cassettes that are currently not used in the tablet packing machine.

Vane axis removal tool

This tool makes it easy to disassemble a cassette with removable axis for maintenance and cleaning.


Desiccants remove moisture from the air inside a tablet dispensing cassette, to prevent medication from absorbing any moisture.

Custom vanes

With our custom engineered vanes it is possible to dispense almost all pills in the market.