Calibration center

Rotary cassettes are one of the most critical components in automated tablet packing machines. They determine to a great extent how efficient a tablet packing machine is operating. In our cassette calibration center we calibrate, configure and assemble high quality rotary cassettes for TOSHO and VBM tablet packing machines to help minimize manual interference in the tablet packing process.

Efficient Ordering Process

By using a Global Factories Vision Station our customers can export the required pill data into a pdf file and order cassettes directly with Rpharma. The use of a Vision Station in the pharmacy reduces the lead time of cassette orders dramatically.

Accurate Calibration

With more than 10 years of experience and over 19.000 unique cassette calibrations in more that 15 countries, our engineers are qualified experts. Our extensive database of proven calibrations ensures the quality of our cassettes even more.

Fast Shipping

With multiple calibration engineers in our calibration team and a vast stock of cassette parts, Rpharma is able to ship most cassette orders within a few days.

Reliability & Warranty

Our cassettes are calibrated and assembled with great care and we are confident that they function reliably in the designated tablet packing machine. To ensure the dispense quality we offer a warranty period on all of our cassettes.

Cassette optimization

To help pharmacists improve the efficiency of the tablet pack process we also offer a range of Cassette Optimization products.

Should you have an issue with your cassettes or if you have any old cassettes that you like to have checked or refurbished, please use the contact form below to send us your request.